Amateur Radio & Related Equipment for Sale by Members of Wattsburg Wireless Association

Adult members in good standing of the Wattsburg Wireless Association may post up to three items of amateur radio/electronics related equipment for sale. Posts must include the following information in the order listed:


  1. Seller’s full name and call sign (if requested by the seller, name and call sign will be omitted from the public post).
  2. Description of the item for sale. Include details such as model number, date of manufacture, accurate condition of the equipment and any other detail about the item that will honestly inform the potential buyer before sale.
  3. Asking price in dollars.
  4. A method of contact to allow the potential buyer to inquire about the item for sale. This may be an email address or other means the seller deems appropriate.
  5. A maximum of two high quality photographs of the item for sale. 

Email this information to: using the email account on file with your membership and indicate if you want your name and/or call sign withheld from the post. The request will be processed within 7 days and the post will remain active for 6 weeks. If the seller wants the post removed, the seller will send an email to using the email account on file with your membership and request removal. Note: Wattsburg Wireless Association does not profit from sales appearing on the Equipment for Sale page. All sales are solely between the seller and buyer. Additionally, Wattsburg Wireless Association, it’s officers and members, are not responsible for any damages, monetary or otherwise, arising from equipment posted or equipment sold after posting on this website. 


Sequence Number: 00001

Seller: Werner Heisenberg

Item Description: 1980’s vintage flux capacitor. Still works but leaks. 

Asking price: $500.00

Method of Contact: