Please Help Us Fund Amateur Radio Kits for Schools

Imagine a world where every child has the opportunity to explore the wonders of communication, technology, and community connection through the magic of amateur (ham) radio. In our digital age, these timeless skills are more valuable than ever, yet many schools lack the resources to introduce students to this enriching hobby.
Enter Wattsburg Wireless Association, a motivated Amateur Radio Club with a vision to ignite curiosity and inspire the next generation of radio enthusiasts. Recognizing the transformative power of ham radio in fostering communication skills, STEM learning, and a sense of global citizenship, Wattsburg Wireless Association is on a mission to donate ham radio starter kits to local area schools.
With your support, we can provide students with the equipment, knowledge and resources necessary to discover the world of ham radio. From learning the basics of radio operation to mastering Morse code and exploring the principles of electromagnetic waves, each starter kit will open the doors to endless possibilities for learning and exploration.
By donating to this project, you are investing in the future of our children and empowering them to become lifelong learners, innovators, and global citizens. Together, let’s spark a passion for ham radio in the hearts and minds of students, one school at a time. Please join us in our mission to bring the world of ham radio to local schools and inspire the next generation of radio enthusiasts. Your generosity will make an impact in the lives of countless students, helping them connect, learn, and explore the world around them in new and exciting ways.
Please consider donating today!!!